Wednesday, 10 September 2014


Here is a super-simple guide to making clones of any psychotria leaf.

This works with psychotria alba, viridis and carthagenensis.

It may well work with others, I haven't tried it.

Snap the leaf's spine 4 or 5 times

Wrap the snapped leaf in damp kitchen paper

Put the damp paper/leaf combo in a ziploc baggie

Leave in a warm place & open every few days to allow for fresh air exchange.

That really is it. In the picture above you can see I'v done just that with a psychotria alba leaf.
Roots have begun to form at the snapped points.
Simply break the leaves up at the rooted cuts and pot into an humidity dome or similar.
Each leaf section can produce upto 8 new plants!

UPDATE 30/12/15
Here are some more psychotria pics. These are Alba, viridis and the psychotria hybrid 'nexus'
They have all been grown using this TEK...

Try it and see what you think!
Have fun :)

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  1. It's nice to see a solid view of how to make shoots from the above said leaves, great job keep it up, pan-peace