Sunday, 27 April 2014

A brief history of the world. (of sam pedro's)

Welcome to the official blog of

We specialise in ceremonial and ornamental cacti, mainly of the Lophophora and Trichocereus genus.

My name is Chris. I have been growing psychoactive cacti since 1999 when I bought some peyote seeds. They failed miserably because my heating mat cooked them! Fortunately the vendor I bought them from was most understanding of my inexperience and sent me some more.

I also purchased a 5 year old Lophophora williamsii at the same time so I didnt have to wait to actually 'own' my first one! Bit of a cheat I know, but I was all excited. Turns out that growing these cacti is an addictive hobby.
I only grow them. I don't ingest them in any way. I wouldn't want to as I have grown close to them all now!

I built/started/designed and ran the psychoactive plant shop the-mush-room in 1999 and continued to do so until September 2013 when I sold it to its current owner.
I kept all the cacti in my collection though, just couldn't part with them!

Sam Pedro's. A brave new world of Ceremonial cacti.

My wife and I started Sam pedro's in January of 2014 as a way of paying for my ever-expanding cactus collection. With much help from Jon at Sharkfin media in Truro, I think we now have a great selection of cacti and seeds and a lovely webstore to boot! 

Moving to Spain

In this blog I will also be detailing out move from Cornwall in the UK to Murcia in Spain.
We will be driving down on 5th May and we intend to run Sam pedro's from there.
The cacti will grow much bigger, better and faster in the 340 days of sunshine per year, meaning that we will be able to continue supplying some of the world's most unique, rare active and downright amazing cacti, both wholesale and retail to the whole world!

The tales I tell of our move are not intended as a 'moving to Spain bible' by any means, just an insight into how we are doing it & how it goes.

Thanks for reading, please feel free to comment or give me feedback.
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