Saturday, 27 September 2014

Instructions for growing cacti using your new grow kit.


Instructions for growing cacti using your new grow kit.

Pretty much the same as our seed growing article apart from the inclusion of the mini-propagator provided in your kit.

level down the cactus compost provided into the pot.

●dampen the compost with water.

●sprinkle the seeds evenly over the compost. Do not cover them with soil, they need light to germinate.

●cover with the mini-propagator lid.

●place in non-direct sunlight at 70˚-80˚.

●keep the compost moist, but not wet, by gently spraying with water when needed.

●seeds should germinate within 2 weeks.

●watch out for damping off fungus and spray with fungicide immediately.

●keep the seedlings in indirect sunlight for about 6 months,  then slowly let them have more light. They will have a lush green colour if the light levels are right. If their skin turns  red it means they are getting too much light, so shade with an appropriate material. Muslin or thin white sheeting work well.

●be in no hurry to re-pot them. Wait until they are fighting for room.

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