Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Horned leaves on our maeng-da kraom

Maeng-Da kratom. The legendary 'horned leaves'

Our main tree is about 2 years old now. We used to have another one but it got killed by someone's stupidity......

The horned leaves do not appear all the time. Even then, they only appear with age. 

They are only now starting to show up every now & then.

The leaves also get a really nice 'frilled' look to them. Similarly, not all of them show this trait, thats why it can be tricky in identifying some Kratom strains at this age.

More frilled leaves.

Typically the main tree has really gone into overdrive, pushing out shoots and leaves a go-go, just in time for Winter! It will drop most of its leaves soon and the new shoots will go onto pause mode.
Hopefully the cuttings we have taken already will be rooted in time for winter too.

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