Wednesday, 9 March 2016

The new and improved TEK for germinating EPHEDRA SINICA

Germinating ephedra sinica... the new TEK!

The previous method I used was too unreliable so I decided to try something else.
It's pretty simple and gives a good germination rate, always assuming you are using reasonably fresh seed. The seed seems to last about 10-12 months before losing any of its vitality, so no need to panic!

Place your seeds on a paper towel/kitchen roll. 

A spray misting bottle is best for moistening the paper towel and seeds, 

Put the damp tissue and seeds into a zip-lok bag and leave out at room temperature over night.

Now put it into the fridge for 24 hours.

Almost there! Open the bag to allow air exchange, re-seal and then place somewhere warm and light. About 18-25C will be good. Remember no direct sunlight, just the light of the room.
If it has no condensation on the inside of the bag, feel free to give it a light misting.

They will start to germinate after a week. Once they have sprouted, pot into sandy potting compost or cactus soil/compost mix and keep warm and humid. The period of humidity needs to be only a few weeks after germination. After that they adapt to lower humidity very well. 
Soil needs to be free draining. Water when the soil is nearly bone dry. They seem to like full sun too.
Remember they are quite slow growers after the initial germination spurt!
Good luck,